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Jennifer Robins took up writing about the paranormal after a long time in the business world. She attended Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio (TriC).

Her interest in the unexplained we live with has taken her to some intense research of many intriguing subjects. These findings have inspired her to write the stories she puts into words for others to enjoy.

She lives with her husband and a few wonderful pets, spends time with her grown family, loves to write, paint in oils and play the piano.

Cold Coffee Press Spotlight Interview With Author Jennifer Robins

What makes you proud to be a writer? The accomplishment and a promise to my dying daughter.

What, or who, inspired you to become a writer? A friend who told me I could never write a book. LOL.

When did you begin writing with the intention of being published? 1990

Did your environment or upbringing play a major role in your writing and why? Not really.

Do you come up with your title(s) before or after you write the manuscript(s)? Before

Why do you write in the genre(s) that you’ve chosen? Total interest and experiences of my own.

What has been your most rewarding experience while in the writing process? To know I was given a contract for my work.

What has been your most rewarding experience in your publishing journey? Great five star reviews.

What one positive piece of advice would you give to other authors? Don’t let rejections get you down. They are only a part of writing. Keep going and don’t let anything discourage you. Learn everything you can about writing and study others who are best selling authors by reading their books.

Who is your favorite author and why? Nora Roberts. I like her style, 3rd person omniscient. I write this way also and find it easy to follow and more informative to the reader. Her books are exciting with romance and more often suspense.

What format(s) are your books in: Print Only – E-Book Only? Both

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? Only that I love writing and work at it every day. I sometimes wake during the night with ideas, boot up the PC and there I hop on the key board.

Abuse Me No More by Jennifer Robins

Brian never stopped loving her. He longed for her every day since she left. When he heard Kristina was coming back, he was anxious to see her, but wanted to wait until she got settled after the trauma of being abused so terribly by her husband, now her ex-husband. He knew about the damage Jason did to her face and didn’t want to embarrass her by calling or going to see her to soon. When Kristina needed help to fix her clankedy old car, she had no choice, but to call on Brian who had a car repair garage. She knew he’d help her, but what she didn’t know was how much more he’d do for her.

Book Review: Intriguing Paranormal (Supernatural) Romance

Abuse Me No More – by Jennifer Robins is an intriguing story about a love that went terribly wrong and the ability to accept love again. Kristina, she is also called Kris is the main character who faces the challenge of recovering from a brutal attack inflicted on her by someone she loves.

Kristina struggles to move forward while living within the meager monthly disability income that she receives and a small schooling allowance granted to her by the state of Illinois under the Victim’s Law Act.

Life in Grover Falls is by no means easy as Kristina struggles for both physical and emotional healing. With multiple surgeries in her future, it seems her only comfort is knowing that Jason is incarcerated. She has to trust the justice system as memories haunt her.

When it seems that life will not give her a break and everything around her seems to be breaking down to the point of her roof leaking and her car is need of repairs, a man named Brian will gently give her the courage to look in the mirror again and risk loving and being loved.

Kristina draws her strength from her cat named Sissy and a painting on her wall that brings back precious childhood memories of her grandmother. It is her spiritual connection to her grandmother that enables her to find restoration and healing after the panic attacks. “Morning sun danced into the room, perching on her grandmother’s painting, illuminating it like a dim golden spotlight. The stream of water in the painting seemed to come alive flowing lazily to the bottom of the frame. She could almost feel the soft breeze through the trees and meadow in the background. Grandma made her paintings come alive in detail as if it were a video. She rested her head on the back of the sofa and felt the tranquil effect of a loved artistic hand.”

Is her faith strong enough to allow her to trust Brain and allow herself to love again? “Birds chirping outside the bedroom window announced the dawn of a new day. Sun rising in the eastern horizon gave promise to a nice day. Brian stood by the side of the bed with his arms stretched up over his head, a wide yawn coming from his open mouth. The stream of light from the window shined on his strong half-naked body like a spotlight entering the stage. The muscles in his bare chest bulged as he tightened his biceps. She raised her head from the pillow to smile in delight at this wonderful figure standing before her.”

What will the future bring, what dark forces will try to hold her captive, how does abiding love bring resolution and do “dreams have a way of awakening one to life’s realities”.

Theodocia McLean (Cold Coffee Press) endorses ‘Abuse Me No More’ by Jennifer Robins as an example of one rising above a victim mentality to embrace life, love and even help from those who have passed on to the other side. I reviewed this book from a Kindle on December 13, 2014.

Genre:  Mystery Thriller Suspense, Psychological Thrillers, Romance

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An Author’s Nightmare by Jennifer Robins

The Ouija board can often open channels to the wrong kinds of spirits and bring horror to those who ventured into playing the game. Kate Landen, a best-selling author, falls in love with Curt-the man of her dreams-marries him, and looks forward to a life of happiness. When a friend is murdered after using the Ouija board with Kate, an evil being follows her and her new husband home. As she writes her next thriller about a serial killer, the possessed one gets into her head through telepathy to learn what she is writing to use as a script for his life of crime. Curt’s suspicious nighttime absences make Kate wonder where and what he is doing away from home. Her life becomes a real nightmare. Can Kate save herself from the horrors in her own creativity and find her own happy ending?

Book Review: Mystery and Suspense

An Author’s Nightmare is an intriguing book by Jennifer Robins. Kate Landen is an author of mystery and suspense books and she has a lot happening in her life. She has a whirlwind romance and marries handsome businessman, Curt Stanford. Just when things are starting to look up for her, Kate’s best friend, Martha, is brutally murdered. Martha dabbled in the occult, and while Kate is in charge of helping pack up Martha’s house, she brings an evil entity home with her that was in an Ouija board.

Robins’ characters felt very real to me. They are normal, everyday people who are just in an extraordinary circumstance. They had moods and emotions just like anyone else. I think that’s what drew me to them; I saw them at their best and worse. From the elated feeling of Kate and Curt falling in love to Kate grieving for her best friend, and her insecurities about her new marriage, everything is laid out for the reader to see.

Although this book does have a paranormal theme, to me it fit just as well into the mystery and suspense genre. Robins has written a story with a really interesting plot and intense characters. There was even a twist or two thrown in for good measure. I wouldn’t call it a fast-paced read, but the story was steady and consistent. I really liked how the author paid attention to detail, everything was described so vividly.

This was a little different from the usual paranormal because it had a more realistic feel to it. It didn’t go way over the top like other books in the genre sometimes do. If this book is any indication of what’s to come, I would happily read Robins’ future books.

**Reviewed by Teresa D. for**November 7, 2012

Genre: Romance, Gothic, Fantasy

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Careful What You Wish by Jennifer Robins

Wishes sometimes come true, or do they? While tuning an older woman’s piano, Carlson notices her photo at a much earlier age and finds her enchantingly beautiful. He wishes he could have been around when she was young so he could seduce her, make love to her.

Did his wish come true when he returned to her house the next day for his forgotten tools? He has reason to believe it did.

Book Review: From Good Reads

“Careful What You Wish,” the new romance novel by Jennifer Robins via Decadent Publishing blurs the line between fantasy and reality. From the start, she lets readers know the story centers around an intriguing plot line, which oftentimes races through her character`s traits so they read like one dimensional figures. Still, the story leaves readers thinking about the possibilities which the twists in life can lead to.

Her main character Carlson tunes pianos for a living. When an elderly matron who introduces herself as Miss Lillian hires him, Carlson expects tuning her piano will be a routine job. It seems that way until he is captivated by a framed photo in the room of a young Miss Lillian. Her beauty makes him wish he had known her back when the photo was taken in the same way today’s young men might wish they could’ve known Marilyn Monroe when she was in her prime.

Carlson completes the job he was hired to do on a Monday morning and expects never to hear from Miss Lillian again, but he does. Later that day, she phones him to tell him he left his tools at her house. When he returns the next morning, he is surprised to see that the elderly Miss Lillian has been replaced by the eye popping beauty he saw in the framed photo. They have an afternoon tryst followed by another the next day and so on. He is convinced he is in love with Miss Lillian until one day he is not greeted by the young beauty in the photo but a frumpy middle aged woman who tells him Miss Lillian was her mother. She tells him her mother died Monday evening in her sleep.

The twist in the plot is sure to pique readers interest and engage them further to see where Robins will go with this. Needless to say, she does give the story a happy ending leaving audiences wondering about Miss Lillian. Was she real or a figment of Carlson’s imagination, after all, he’s clutching a physical token given to him by the young Miss Lillian in the last sentence, a ruby pin laced with small diamonds. Ghosts cannot give people physical objects, or can they?

Jennifer Robins plants the seeds of an intriguing story and creates a atmosphere that fodders the flames of the mystery with vivid descriptions. With more character development and elaborating on her characters storylines, she has the makings of modern day Charlotte Bronte.

Review by Susan Frances on April 20, 2012

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

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Commitment To Love by Jennifer Robins

Faced with an ultimatum from his girlfriend, Mike takes a two week trip away from Amy who wants more than just a relationship. Afraid to make a commitment, he tries to avoid her until he encounters a strange entity while in his row boat on the waters outside his Settle home. The evil sounding one in the distance holds him hostage while he is forced to watch what happens with Amy and others in his life while he is not around. Will this odd time out, give him the courage to own up to a life with the one he loves, or will he continue to hide from a long term commitment?

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Short Reads


Emily’s Other Face by Jennifer Robins

Emily wakes in clothes other than the ones she wore to bed. It’s as though she’d got out of bed and went somewhere and don’t remember. What’s happening while she sleeps? Could she be sleep walking, or is there something more sinister going on? Her problem stems back to her childhood, only its become more intense as she became older. Afraid to make a commitment to the man she loves, Marshal a successful attorney helps her by taking her to a psychiatrist who hypnotizes her and suspects multiple personalities, but there’s a surprise waiting for Emily and it scares her until she confronts the situation with courage and the help of a psychic.

Excerpt: With fluttering eye lashes she woke, rubbed the sleep from her eyes with the back of her hand then stared down at her chest and arms. She was no longer in those sweet pink PJ’s, but had on an old pair of jeans, a sweat shirt and tennis shoes. Not again, she shouted. She pushed forward and sprang to her feet while setting her hand to her head to apply pressure to relieve the pounding headache that made its presence known. What time is it? she thought as she made her way to the bathroom. I can’t be late, not today. What happened this time while I was asleep? She kept her hand on her head. Oh, my head. She struggled down the hallway.

She hit the light switch on the wall on her way to the mirror over the double sinks. A not so pretty image looked back at her. Pale white face, squinting red eyes, hair hanging loose around her shoulders and she smelled of cigarette smoke.

Hands shaking she reached for the faucet and turned the cold water on, scooped it up in her hands and splashed it on her face. Fear brought her almost to the point of panic. She pushed away from the sink and held her head down so she wouldn’t throw up. She needed to recoup and straighten up so she could get on with the busy day ahead, although she didn’t know how she could after another night like this.

Cold water on her eyes, soothing herbal tea, a few more aspirins to help her out of the stupor she was in. She couldn’t loose another day of work.

Under the shower, she lathered and scrubbed her body to rid it of the awful smell she woke up to. Nothing even seemed familiar of what went on during the night. Where had she been, what did she do? It was like trying to look through a heavy thick fog.

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

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Ghostly Antiques by Jennifer Robins

Widowed Clara Espy never thought she’d have to worry about her independence, but after the sudden death of her husband, she had to find a way to earn a living. The insurance left to her would not last so she took over a antiques shop as a way to keep her life going on as it was. Events during her remodeling, open the door to a hidden gift of Psychometry which turns her life around to one in which she now has contact with the dead and can talk to them as well as see them. Her life had not only changed, but she felt lonely until a certain coffee shop owner comes along to brighten things up romantically. Her psychic gift leads her to a situation of terrifying danger, but help comes from beyond through the coffee shop owner Charley.

Book Review: If You Like Medium, You’ll Enjoy This Book.

Fans of the TV show Medium should read this book. I believe in the supernatural myself, so this book appealed to me.

After Clara Espy’s husband suddenly dies of a heart attack she is forced with having to go back to work. She chooses to buy the local antique shop in town. While fixing up the shop she falls and hits her head, unlocking a gift of psychometry. When she touches certain objects she receive messages from people who have died.

I thought the subject matter was presented well, and the supernatural aspect was very believable. Although listed in the thriller genre it never felt like a thriller to me. I think it fits better in the paranormal category. I would have enjoyed more suspense connected to the supernatural, though.

This was an easy read. I never felt like I was in Clara’s shoes. However, I kind of liked the observer aspect as some supernatural books can make it too real, if you know what I mean. It could have used another round of editing, but overall Ghostly Antiques is a good book for fans of the supernatural.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Review by Haley on May 15, 2015

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Psychological, Literature & Fiction, Horror, Occult

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Ghostly Antiques II: The Ancient Egyptian Bowl by Jennifer Robins

Psychometry is a psychic power that enables one to divine many facts by holding or touching objects. Visions of persons, places, and things, including ghosts, can often appear to those with the gift. It is much like reading palms, crystal balls, and tea leaves.

Ghostly Antiques II brings back Clara Espy with a new adventure with an ancient Egyptian bowl. The bowl not only has a history of the days of mummification in Egypt, but it holds within it a mystery far beyond Clara’s imagination. While her romance with Charley, the coffee shop owner, continues, she finds herself assisting the police with a murder case that is connected to that ancient bowl she now has in her possession. Her long time friend, Marie, helps her in the shop, and becomes very much involved with the Egyptian bowl. It all leads to a dramatic ending of thrilling expectations.

Book Review: A Delightful Surprise

This fun book took forever to arrive (and no tracking info)…but when it arrived, I discovered a great surprise: it’s AUTOGRAPHED!! Now there’s treasure for the library!

Review by Sheila R. on February 26, 2013

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Women Sleuths

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Jeffrey by Jennifer Robins

A college student is ill with pneumonia, is taken to hospital with high fever and unconscious. He experiences his first out of body travel (Astral-Travel) Interested in it; he learns to leave his body by will. He travels the astral plain spying on his fellow class mates and his girl friend then uses what he sees to his advantage. He witnesses his math professor dealing in drugs while out of body and blackmails him for a higher grade from the failing one he was getting. He cheats in bets on a chess game after watching while out of body and wins a nice sum of money. Becoming corrupt, he continues to travel about even to his room mate’s girl friends room at night and has out of body sex with her. This new gift has corrupted him. He followes his girlfriend Sally while out of body and learns she is cheating on him with an older man. Anger, a need for revenge has him going crazy. Deceit, crime and murder become a big part of Jeffrey’s life that takes him to a surprising end to his Astral-Travels

Book Review: Awesome Book

What a wonderful book when I started reading it I couldn’t put it down it was just so good love it love it love it.

Review by Chuck on June 17, 2012

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Literature & Fiction, Horror, Occult

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Mirror Mirror by Jennifer Robins

Britney never expected to meet up with a ghost living in an old mirror left in the house she’d moved into. Not only did he upset her by being there, but he also became very interested in her which led him to help her from a dreaded disease. His good deed is rewarded by the very thing that kept him from moving on. Britney finds her life turned around through the help of a lost spirit, Captain Leopold Archer and she can go on to fulfill her fondest wishes.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Horror, Ghosts, Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban


Outside That Door by Jennifer Robins

Who would have known a simple weekend vacation to the resort in the Catskill Mountains would end up being smack dab in the middle of the revolutionary war? Carl and Beth never thought such a thing could happen until they stepped outside the side door of their little get-away cottage to find nothing but wilderness and nothing around but the wild life. They search for help only to find soldiers, and Indians. Can they ever get back to the present? Or will they be forced to live among the settlers for the rest of their lives?

Book Review: Fascinating Time Travel

Carl and Beth decide to leave the hustle and bustle of the city for a weekend escape to their cabin retreat in the Catskills. What begins as a romantic getaway for the married couple soon turns into a nightmare when they realize they have been thrust into the past…way into the past, during the Revolutionary War. Will they be able to find their way back to the present day, or are they doomed to live in the past?

I thought this was an extremely fascinating premise for a story, and it really allowed for my imagination to run free. I asked questions to myself such as, “How would I react if I were in that situation?” I must say Carl and Beth handled it well, but it was obvious to me Carl was the rock in the relationship!

What I found most impressive was Robin’s attention to detail. I could imagine every rock and every blade of grass, I once again found myself feeling like a voyeur on the inside of the story. She also did a phenomenal job of conveying the kaleidoscope of emotions this couple went through. The time period they were thrown into, I thought was perfect. First off they are in a time of war; secondly the couple had no modern conveniences. Although Robins probably did not mean for it to be funny, I got a chuckle when Beth got distraught over the lack of bathroom facilities!

When readers hear the words paranormal books, the mind usually goes straight to creatures and things that go bump in the night. The fact that this was different from what I normally read was a refreshing change.

Review by Teresa on July 9, 2014.

Genre: Romance, Time Travel, Literature & Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Over The Mistletoe by Jennifer Robins

Rachael didn’t know how her life would change just by looking into a department store window at the wonderful annual Christmas display. How was she to know that very day would be the beginning of a life time romance? The Great Depression was a tragic time in our countries history, but that didn’t stop Stan from courting the pretty girl standing on the sidewalk outside the department store on a snowy day in December, 1939.

Book Review: Sweet and Short Read.

Over the Mistletoe begins during Christmas time. It’s 1939 and the Great Depression. Rachael is in awe of the Christmas display in the local department store window. She soon catches the eye of Stan and is immediately smitten. Although it is a very bad time, Rachael is lucky enough to have a part time job and excellent parents. Her father also is able to work. Still, there is barely enough money for just the bare essentials of living. Stan also has a very part time job at the newspaper, but he is getting by.

As the story unfolds the reader is able to get a glimpse into a time of several decades ago and the ups and downs of falling in love during this difficult period.

Over the Mistletoe is a sweet and short read that vividly depicts the time of the Great Depression. Being short, there is little time for deep character development. But through the main characters we are treated to a touch of life in 1939. I enjoyed the lightness and sweetness of the story as well as the setting. The setting made it that much nicer! For anyone who has an interest in this time period, I definitely recommend this for an airy afternoon read.

Review by: Catey Blair With Night Owl Reviews on December 1, 2014.

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Holidays, Romance, Clean & Wholesome

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Romance In Napoli by Jennifer Robins

When Katherine received a letter supposedly from her biological father who she never knew, to come to Italy, she never would have guessed the trip would have so many surprises. A whole host of unexpected news of her father, his life and more, including the a appearance of a handsome Italian who finds her very tempting and begins to try to romance her into a sexy relationship, which she tries to avoid, after thinking he is much to arrogant for her. Little did she know, she would need his help, which leads her to what she was trying to avoid, a love affair, one of which she never in her wildest dreams would have thought existed. Cold Coffee Press/Café is please announce ‘Romance In Napoli’ by Jennifer Robins.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Secret Visions by Jennifer Robins

Growing up with the gift of Psychometry wasn’t easy for Kevin, but soon he knew he’d use it for good and the best way to do that was to join the police force. His gift would help solve crime. This would allow him to spot criminals with only a touch of his finger.

He meets and quickly falls in love with lovely Candace while at the local grocery store. He helps her with her groceries and asks if he can call her. A real love affair takes off immediately and they begin to date.

His new career as a policeman starts while he continues to romance Candace.

One of his first encounters on the job has his gift telling him of a break-in suspect being a wanted murderer, who later comes after Kevin after he escapes from jail for revenge of blowing the whistle on him. When the situation involves the woman he’s in love with, things get very intense.

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Psychics, Short Reads, Romance


The Ghost Of Herbert Grezley by Jennifer Robins

If you venture into a cemetery late Halloween night, better watch out for bumps in the night and Herbert Grezley or anything else lurking in the shadows of the tomb stones.

Book Review: Four Stars

Good read and captivating! Great job for a small town author.

Review by Bruce Kinley, MN, RN on October 21, 2014

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Horror, Occult, Short Reads

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The Roads Dead End by Jennifer Robins

Clark and his wife Ginger head out from their apartment in a suburb in Arizona for a weeks vacation to a resort in the desert. They expect to find the old west as a theme in the park portrait with all the buildings and clothes of the old west to make it seem real, but what they find is nothing like the brochures advertised. Were they lost in a time warp, or did this place turn out to be a joke?

Book Review: Nothing Like They Expected!

The Roads Dead End is another great paranormal romance adventure by Jennifer Robins.

This short story begins as Ginger who works at a medical center and her husband Clark who is an airport fight coordinator is destined to take a vacation to Alamo Lake Park. The brochures and vacation video has convinced Clark and Ginger that this desert resort is the vacation spot that they have been dreaming about.

“Soon they were on their way with the sun in the lower western sky still radiating heat to the earth in shimmering waves across the roads that led to the outer city limits. Evening was approaching and Clark wanted to get to the park before dark.”

Come vacation with Ginger and Clark as they need a much needed break from their professional lives and a romantic getaway to the Wild, Wild West! Or, was it a very strange place, nothing like what they’d expected!

Theodocia McLean with Cold Coffee Press endorses ‘The Roads Dead End’ as just one of many of Jennifer Robin’s paranormal adventures. Book review was completed on July 4, 2015.

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Horror, Occult, Short Reads

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To Christmas With Love by Jennifer Robins

Losing a loved one can be devastating to the point of evading life, ignoring another’s love, and waiting for something to help her go on.

Christmas Eve meant only one thing to Nadine, the death of her husband whom she was married to for only a few short weeks. For two years, the holiday has come and gone without her celebrating.

But someone comes along, who finds her so wonderful, so special that Nadine is forced to come to terms with her past. Could she love again? Would she find a sign, a message to let her go on?

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Holidays, Short Reads, Romance


Trick or Threat by Jennifer Robins

Halloween can be a fun and wonderful time. Pumpkins carved with all kinds of faces, witches in black tall hats, and spiders climbing up a large web. Treats of candy and sweets of all kinds to hand out to the little ones at your door. Parties for the adults to show off their costumes of anything you can imagine. But, there can also be ghosts who tend to wan to return on this special holiday to haunt and scare anyone gullible to entertain them. Ella fears this very thing when her step-father, promised to come back on Halloween on his dying bed. The thought stayed with her all year long, but when October 31st was approaching, she became more frightened than ever.

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Holidays, Short Reads


What Happened to Anna? by Jennifer Robins

Some try to protect those they love…even after death.

Upon moving into a restored turn-of-the-century house, Andrea and John discover they aren’t the only occupants. Not only is their new home haunted by the ghost of a woman, but a demon from another dimension who wants to seduce the new female owner.

After Andrea finds a photo of Anna—their resident ghost—she begins to relive Anna’s life through dreams and waking visions, falling prey to the handsome demon lover who, it seems, will do anything and everything to stop her from answering one burning question:

Content warning: seductively handsome demons, hauntingly beautiful ghosts, and just the right amount of scares.

Book Review: Engaging Read.

This book is contemporary and historical as the present day Andrea Devon gets flashbacks to the life of the ghost in her house, Anna.

Andrea and her husband John’s dreams come true when they move to a small town and buy a wonderful old house. Weird things begin to happen and Andrea investigates the past to find out what happened to the original owner of the house.

I enjoyed reading this book and trying to solve the mystery. I urged Andrea not to be taken in by her dreams, I wanted her to stand up to her husband, and most of all to let her own self shine through. In the beginning I found her to be a reasonably strong woman, but as the story progressed I became more and more irritated by her husband who seemed to be domineering and always wanted his own way.

Andrea seemed to let things slide as she became more caught up in her dreams and research. Fair enough John had a right to get irritable, but I thought he was more worried about how Andrea’s moods affected him, rather than what was making her so unhappy and moody. One more negative I found in the final few pages. I’m not going to put in a spoiler, but I would have preferred a different ending as the story seemed to finish up in the air.

Nevertheless these were minor irritations to be pushed to one side as the main story evolved around Andrea. She became a very real person to me and as mentioned above I was cheering her on all the way, or urging her not to take another step in a particular direction. I have to admit I did guess some of the outcome, but my guess could just as easily have been wrong so I had to read on to find out the truth. I love the way Andrea manipulated those around her when she really wanted something. A lovely main character, with the story fitting round her like a glove.

Reviewed by LAS Reviewer on June 25, 2013

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Ghosts, Demons & Devils, Literature & Fiction, Horror, Occult

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